MWSXTG 55-80-125-250

Standard Features

Freestanding, high spin

Drum with 1 pocket

Stainless steel (AISI 304) cabinet, drum and tube

Parts in contact with water made of SS304
stainless steel

Large door for easy loading and unloading.

Large sight glass for visible working process.

Oversized frame, bearings and drum

Large air operated drain valve

Auto door positioning system

Easy access to all mechanical parts

Frequency controlled motor

Brake resistor, instance braking



▪Air bags suspension system ensure quiet and
smooth extraction (available for
MWSXTG-125 and MWSXTG-250)

▪Soap Dispenser with 5 compartments

▪Signal up to 5 dose pumps

▪Safety devices – emergency stop, overload
protector, air lock doors, air spring door support,
safety door interlock system, additional door lock
sensor, unbalance switch, heat resistance door
glass, double vibration control, buzzer, etc

Direct steam injection heating

Powerful microprocessor – Freely programmable
with up to 50 programs


Standard cold and hot water inlet valves and one
drain valve