MaxiWash MWSI

The MaxiWash MWSI series

Softmount High-Speed Industrial Strength  


MWSI-110, MWSI-135,
MWSI-200, MWSI-275,
MWSI-300, MWSI-475  



Features and Benefits

Built to Last-Protecting your Investment

This is the ultimate freestanding machine for industrial use. The robust design will last for years and the
performance has proven to be extremely reliable. The MWSI model is designed and manufactured with quality in mind using fewer parts than any other washer-extractor in the market today, while still maintaining greater flexibility and strength. This is the key to the reliable performance of the machine. Fewer parts mean less to break and service, yielding a low maintenance cost over the life of the machine. The main bearings are located outside the wash solution and will not be damaged should the main seals leak. Tilting, one or two-way, is an option on all machines. The tilt improves productivity and eliminates unloading difficulties. Water reuse, central liquid supply systems and other external devices can easily be connected to the machines making it very versatile for any medium to large size laundry. The freestanding design allows for installation of the machines in unconventional places on upper floors.

Powerful Control System

The microprocessor touch screen control center is easy to use and has the features needed for maximum productivity and lowest cost of operation. The microprocessor touch screen controls the temperature, water level, speed and maintenance interval of the machine. A thermal cool down is programmable that will ensure optimal performance for any garments that require special wrinkle control and other special treatments. It can be programmed from the touch screen or with a laptop computer. The microprocessor touch screen control can be programmed to display in four languages. It has features for programming any wash activity to meet today and tomorrow’s demand for water treatment of textile fiber and garments. It is the most flexible control system yet developed for the stand-alone commercial and industrial washers in the industry and has a proven track record for reliability.

Large Door Opening and Reliable Door Lock

Loading and unloading are fast and easy through the oversized door that opens 160
degrees away from laundry carts. The door is located at a convenient height for
laundry carts. The door is constructed of stainless steel and built with an oversize
stainless steel hinge for extra strength and durability. The silicone door gasket is
designed for long life and seals to the shell every time without leaking. A powerful
and safe electro-mechanical door interlocking system is provided for safe and easy operation.

Supply Dispenser and External Liquid Supply Connection

A 5 compartment dispenser for both liquid and powder detergents is standard.
The dispenser is mounted on the left side of the machine at a convenient height for easy
reach. The dispenser is flushed automatically during the wash cycle. All machines are
provided as standard with 6 supply signals and liquid connections.