MaxiWash MWSB

The MaxiWash MWSB series

Softmount Barrier Washers for small, medium
and Large On-Premise Laundry


MWSB-40, MWSB-60, MWSB-80,
MWSB-100,MWSB-155, MWSB-225, MWSB-300,



Features and Benefits

The MWSB series – Outstanding Reliability and Efficiency at an Affordable Price
The MWSB series is a solution for clean room applications. It is purposely designed and built to ensure
that the garments cleaned are processed at the highest level of quality possible. The robust machine is
designed to last for many years and the performance has proven to be reliable. The MWSB model has also
been designed and manufactured with quality in mind, using fewer parts while still achieving greater
flexibility and strength. They use fewer parts results in lower maintenance over the life of the machine. The
freestanding design allows for installation of the machines in unconventional places.

Powerful Control System
Loading and unloading are fast and easy. The door is constructed of stainless
steel for extra strength and durability. The door opening system has been
engineered to make the operation safe, simple and reliable. For hygienic
purposes, the machine has separate loading and unloading doors.
The stainless steel basket for durability and ease of maintenance.

Door Opening System
The microprocessor touch screen control center is easy to use and has the features
needed for maximum productivity and lowest cost of operation. The microprocessor
touch screen controls the temperature, water level, speed and maintenance interval
of the machine. A thermal cool down is programmable that will ensure optimal
performance for any garments that require special wrinkle control and other special
treatments. It can be programmed from the touch screen or with a laptop computer.
The microprocessor touch screen control can be programmed to display in four languages. It has features for
programming any wash activity to meet today and tomorrow’s demand for water treatment of textile fiber and
garments. It is the most flexible control system yet developed for the stand-alone commercial and industrial
washers in the industry and has a proven track record for reliability.

Freestanding Construction and Suspension System

The suspension system has been designed and engineered for stability and
performance. The spring suspension is standard on the 40 and 100 pounds
models while the air cushion suspension is standard on the larger capacities.
The suspension system means no need for expensive foundation or floor