MaxiWash MWHE

The MaxiWash MWHE series

Hardmount Economy Washer- Extractors for General Laundry Applications


 MWHE-20, MWHE-30,
MW MWHE-40, HE-60, MWHE-80,


Features and Benefits

Powerful, efficient, and affordable.

These are the design keys for the economy series of Hardmount washer-extractors. Our simple innovative features and robust design ensure low cost of ownership and infrequent maintenance. Simple design and fewer parts are the guarantee.

Large Door Opening and Safe Door Interlock
Loading and unloading are fast and easy through the oversized door
that opens 180 degrees. The door is located at a convenient height and is
constructed of stainless steel and built with an oversize stainless steel hinge
for extra strength and durability. The silicon door gasket is designed for
long life and seals to the shell every time without leaking. A powerful and
safe electro-mechanical door interlocking system is provided for safe and
easy operation.

Simple Microprocessor Control
The reliable of simple microprocessor control provides the capacity to
store and execute 30 wash programs, and is simple to operate and program.
Four chemical signals are provided for control of external liquid supplies.
It controls water inlets, drain, wash speeds, temperature, water levels
and all the functions to reach an optimum wash result at the lowest
possible cost.

Supply Dispenser
A 3 or 4 compartment dispenser is standard. It is mounted in the
front of the machine at a convenient height for easy reach and
flushes automatically. The location of the dispenser allows machines
to be placed next to each other. As standard the MWHE model
machines are provided with four supply signals and four connections
for external liquid supply.