Maxiwash Highspeed

Handle large laundry loads with high speed extraction up to 225 g's in these hard-mounted MAXI MWH washer/extractors in 50- 75- and 95 pound categories.

Since bigger washers mean bigger loads, the MWH is designed with an extra-large door opening to speed loading and unloading.

With up to 20 different preprogrammed cycles and simple controls, the operator can easily set the proper wash times, rinse times and temperatures for a wide range of laundry requirements.

Each model is available with optional steam or electric heating.

State-of-the-art microprocessor controls simplify operation and ensure optimum wash quality and economy with up to 20 different cycle selections.

The display shows the cycle state at all times and provides operating instructions.

To help reduce downtime and service costs, self-diagnostics quickly pinpoint problems.

24-track card control is available on all models.

Speacial Features

High-spin, up to 250 g's

Oversized ribs for better tumbling and cleaning

Standard cool-down eliminates wrinkles and thermal shock

Worldwide distributor network

Quick and easy access to the drain valves, belts, and most other serviceable parts is available directly from the rear of the machine.

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