No commercial ironer will produce a finer quality finish.

MAXI ironers offer heavy duty construction, quality features and lasting value that make them ideal for small and medium-sized operations.

Designed to dry and iron sheets, pillowcases, table linen and other types of flatwork, MAXI ironers efficiently process polyester/cotton, cotton, and other quality fabrics, such as VISA.

The sliding contact of linen with the highly polished revolving heated cylinder creates a fine gloss finish comparable to hand ironing and the moving action pulls linen tight to remove wrinkles and further improve finish quality.

Standard on all Mid-Range Models

Soft-start ramps up to desired ironing speed with less stress on drive components, including chain, sprockets, bearings and shafts.

Extended speed ranges not previously available on mid-sized ironers accommodate a wider variety of fabrics and moisture retention.

Touch control dial for smooth speed changes.

Jog forward/reverse for flexibility and easier maintenance.

No variable speed pulley, handle, belt or motor brushes to require service, adjustment or replacement.

Dynamic braking - no brake shoes, linings or discs to maintain

Digital speed indicator for accurate speed setting and monitoring

Highly polished steel heated cylinder for efficient heat transfer and excellent finish quality

Enclosed electrical control box

Clipper-laced ribbons for easy replacement

Automatic Ironing pressure adjustment

24 volt controls

Insulated Back Shield Lift off interlocked for easy maintenance access

Heavy duty drive with hardened sprockets and high temperature bearings

Complete Protection by stop buttons and safety guards

These models feature the highest output and most economical heating mechanism for cylinder ironer, regardless of heat source. Burner size, cylinder diameter and speed are properly matched for maximum drying capacity and efficiency. The correct quantities of air and gas are injected and mixed to create a richer flame for more effective BTU's per square inch of ironing surface. Consequently, the ironing cylinder heats and recovers faster as wet linen is processed, and the evaporative capacity of the ironer can match the strong cooling effect of wet linen at higher speeds. The result is up to 100% more protection than can be obtained from light duty ironers relying on atmospheric (natural) burners and random air flow.