Optimize your customers' laundry operations with MAXI Dry

Designed for both on-premise and coin-op laundries, they come in capacities of 25 to 170 pounds to match your washer output.

Every MAXI Dry model is available with microprocessor or dual timer control. Models are available in gas, steam, electric heating.

Superior design and top-to-bottom quality make MAXI Dry a durable and reliable addition to any laundry.


MAXI offers you the simplest and the most efficient computer control available. Select one of six letters, A through F, and the dryer immediately starts and runs through a preprogrammed cycle of the laundry manager's choosing. What could be simpler than one-button start? You are assured of of the most efficient and consistent results.

Maximum Energy Savings

For maximum energy savings, the auto cycle stops the dryer when the clothes are dry. If you need to set a special time and temperature, the manually timed mode allows you to do so quickly, easily, and precisely.


With the "anti-wrinkle" feature, the computer can be programmed to tumble without heat for 20 seconds every 2 minutes. This cool down cycle avoids wrinkles and decreases the danger of spontaneous combustion.

Many MAXI dryers are available with simple dual timer controls for drying time and cooling time. A push-to-start switch is a standard safety feature, and a pilot light indicates when the dryer is operating.