The Ultimate Dry-Cleaning Machine

With stainless steel construction everywhere it counts, a large loading door, high efficiency closed system with refrigerated heat pump, and microprocessor control, MAXICLEAN will meet all your dry-cleaning needs.

Designed and built to comply with all international regulations, MAXICLEAN is the solution to safeguarding operator health and the environment.

MAXI Clean Features

Self-cleaning tanks

Illuminated still sight glasses

Special air channel for short drying time

Stainless steel water separator

All models are available in steam or electric

Worldwide distributor network

High solvent mileage

Tool box with extra lint filter

Closed circuit with refrigerated heat pump

Extra large solvent pump and piping for better solvent flow

Air lubricator and strainer In-line solvent cooling coil to control solvent temperature for consistent performance

The high efficiency closed system, with its insulated, refrigerated heat pump, ensures top performance.