MaxiFinish MF Mid-Range

MaxiFinish Ironer 

Mid-Range Flatwork Ironers


MF13 MF16

MF20 MF24




Features and Benefits

State-of-the-Art Flatwork Finishing with patented Eagle Eye™

Maxi Finish mid-range ironers offer more power and performance than ever with
the latest features developed from Maxi’s experience as the world’s largest and
most experienced manufacturer of heated roll ironers. Gas, steam, and electrically
heated models are available in a choice of 13” (330mm), 16” (400mm),
20” (500mm) or 24” (600mm) diameter ironing rolls. Roll lengths from 60” (1524mm)
to 135” (3430mm) long are offered to efficiently process any size linen.

All models feature high efficiency
AC frequency variable speed drive with these important advantages:

• Touch-control speed dial for smooth speed changes
with extended speed ranges to suit today’s wide variety of fabrics and moisture retentions
• Soft-start ramps up to desired ironing speed with
less stress on drive components – including sprockets, bearings, shafts and chain
• Digital speed indicator for accurate speed setting and monitoring
• Jog forward/reverse for flexibility and easier maintenance
• Streamlined drive reduces chain and sprockets by 50%
• No variable speed pulley, handle, or motor brushes to require service or replacement
• Dynamic braking – no brake shoes, linings, or discs to maintain