MaxiDry MTD




MTD25.35 MTD55

MTD60.80 MTD100.135.180



Features and Benefits


• Construction in grey skinplate, stainless steel look.
• Big loading door (opening of 180º).
• Transmission by pulley and belt, with inverter.
• Front subjection by 2 strong and high-resistant wheels.
• AIR RE-CYCLE: Air recovery system for great energy efficiency.
• SMART DRY: The intelligent humidity sensor offers a precise control
of the moisture in the linen. By this system the drying cycle will
automatically stop when it reaches the set level of residual moisture.
• INSULATED PANELS: The complete circuit of the air-flow has been
thermally insulated in order to optimize the energy to heat the air
and to maximize the energy efficiency. Double doorglass.
• FULL FLOW: The range of
MTD-MP-PLUS dryers complements the axialradial air flow with side and front openings to increase and optimize the
airflow circuit, achieving the most efficient drying conditions.
• FIRE ESTINGUISHER: Integrated Fire Extinguishing System.
• ELECTRONIC CONTROL: Easy and intuitive to use, the electronic
control offers a complete control of the process.
• REVERSE DRUM: All models offer the reverse turning of the drum.
• GENTLE DRY: The new drum with stamped holes makes sure the
linen is gently handled.
• New filter drawer with wide surface and improved airflow.
• Cool Down: Anti-wrinkle at the end of cycle.
• Models available in electric, gas or steam heating.