MaxiDry MDDP


Professional High Productivity
Dryers for commercial Industrial and Hospitality Service 


MDDP-200, MDDP-250,



Features and Benefits

Built to Last High Productivity Unsurpassed Quality
The MDDP series dryer is unlike any other dryer in the industry. This heavy-duty professional
dryer is built to the highest standards of quality and designed to last indefinitely. Discover the
benefits of the engineering and workmanship that have gone into creating this fine piece of equipment.
The robust design and the energy saving features ensure low cost of ownership, fast drying time
and an unsurpassed performance.

Simple Microprocessor Control
All MDDP series dryers are provided with our flexible and simple
microprocessor. With the touch of a button you have total control of the dryer
for optimum drying. The microprocessor monitors the temperatures, drying action and
the performance with unsurpassed accuracy to ensure trouble free operation.
The alphanumeric display is large and easy to read. A cool down and anti
wrinkle feature keeps the machine in a cool down mode after the cycle has
finished. The computer helps enhance safety in the laundry by verifying airflow
and monitoring the temperature sensor and door.

Lint Filter and Lint Compartment

Large self-cleaning lint screens make maintenance easy.
The screens are accessible from the front and located close to the exhaust fan,
preventing fan clog up and eliminating fan vibrations. The lint filter is efficient
and provides a good airflow that reduces the energy consumption.
The microprocessor monitors the lint filter and stops the machine, should the
lint screen become blocked.

Large Strong Door 
The large door opens 180 degrees making loading and unloading easy.
The door glass is attached to the door without any gasket providing a long
lasting door that offers security and low maintenance over the life of the
machine. The door is provided with a safety switch that stops the machine
when the door is open. A magnetic latch holds the door closed during
operation. The door can be opened any time during operation for safety.