MaxiClean MCP

The MaxiClean MCP series

4th Generation DELUXE Perc. Dry cleaning machine




Features and Benefits

The preferred automatic fully enclosed dry cleaning machine for those who start MIDDLE LEVEL dry
cleaners with DELUXE Perc. dry cleaning machines and those who provide QUALITY Dry Clean
Service in hotels, hospitals, schools, factories, etc.!!!


1- Full automatic computer control system with manual control. Programmable computer with self-diagnostics function. Big LCD display screen. Intelligent operation.
2- High standard production line by mould ensures stronger parts and makes the part replacement easier.
3- Completed stainless steel structure. All the components contact with solvent such as basket, basket housing, air
channel, filter, button trap, water separators, still, and SOLVENT TANKS are all made of SS304. Solvent pipeline material
is optional in stainless steel.
4- The inverter, low voltage apparatus, and pneumatic system are all world famous brands.
5- A world advanced air channel structure ensures high air flow and faster recycles speed, to save drying time and make the lint collect thorough and clean.
6- Double filtration system consists of one ecological filter and one newly designed and patented active carbon filter which doesn’t need to be cleaned with dry cleaning filtration powder and carbon powder. It achieves free maintenance for filter, high cleanness, and less running cost. Besides, it brings unparalleled effect for cleaning the light color garment. (Exclusive of MCP-186FD/ZQ)
7- Self-cleaning function for 3 solvent tanks.
8- The heat during still is recycled when they come into the drying air channel, which save energy and improve workefficiency; the still is equipped with automatic level control device for safety concern.
9 – Equipped various safety protection devices, such as pneumatic safety door lock device for loading door, lint collector, still tank residual solvent drainage door, and button trap.
10- Siemens high-performance frequency controlled motor – more powerful, reliable and durable.
11- High performance and fully closed refrigeration recycle system with Danfoss scroll compressor
optimizes the recovery efficiency.
12- NSK bearings for main shaft and filters; CCVI or DuPont brand Viton seal. The main shaft adopts world advantaged technology of free maintenance; never need to fill in oil to the bearing and oil seal.
13- Equipped with automatic dosing device for liquid soap and detergent agent.
14- European standard solvent leak-proof tank prevents solvent leaking to contaminate the laundry and underground water, and meanwhile it can recycle the solvent.
15- Equipped secondary water separator for the solvent and water.
16- Equipped with world advanced dual refrigeration system with Freon, it achieves adjustable solvent temperature to meet the dry cleaning requirements of leather and other fabrics of garment. (Optional)